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“The single best practice for developing a student's reading fluency is one-on-one guided reading.”
National Reading Panel (2000)

Strategies for Struggling Readers.
Here you will find Simple but effective Strategies you can use to help struggling
readers raise their reading levels.


And thank you for caring about those who want and need to improve their reading ability.

This website will provide you the powerful strategies you need to help struggling readers. Strategies that good readers use.

These strategies will help your struggling reader:

    Raise his reading level by 62% of a full grade in 20 weeks,

    Increase his reading comprehension and vocabulary,

    Improve his reading fluency,

    Remember what he has read, and

    Strengthen his phonics and phonemic awareness.

Your struggling reader will know how to figure out, and learn, the ‘hard words’ in a sentence.

No more feelings of shame and embarrassment.

“I can do it myself!”

His amazing improvement will happen as he and you, (his helper) follow the Rolling Readers 5-step Stairway to Success.

These research-based strategies focus on Sentence Structure, Meaning, and Phonics.  They also Prepare his mind to learn, by activating multiple areas of the brain.

Because of your help, his confidence sky-rockets.  His feelings of success and pride give him a higher opinion of himself. His love of reading returns.

Again, Thank You, so very much!

Special Note: To support this training, be sure the child understands “explicit” phonics.

Many struggling readers have failed to learn (or weren't taught) the basic sounds of letters and combinations of letters.

Also encourage the use of ‘closed captions’ when watching TV. These same language sub-titles can double the functional reading ability of primary school children. As reported by former President Bill Clinton on, (video from

Our 5-step approach helps a struggling reader understand, and do what good readers do to figure out a word they don’t know.

So next, I want to demonstrate the strategies good readers use. But first I need to ask this.
Do you need a trained cadre of reading helpers?

The Rolling Readers tutoring method is so simple, a fourth or fifth grader can become a valued reading assistant. Get all the reading helpers you want!

After viewing the Tutor USA video, helpers of all ages are more confident they can help a struggling reader. The video demonstrates real life tutoring. Each step of the powerful 5-step stairway to reading success is illustrated as it is used.

OK, back to the demonstration of the strategies good readers use. Strategies our struggling reader will learn. You may be surprised that you are using them intuitively.

How good readers find the ‘Hard Words’ in a sentence.

I asked a struggling reader. “What does your mind do when you come to a hard word?”
“Nothing,” he said.

‘Hard words’ are the words we don't know as we are reading. And most struggling readers don't know there are techniques they can and should use to figure out the word.

Hard words should be considered the same as blanks to be filled in. So to find the word in a sentence you don't know, do what you do when filling in a blank.

Good readers long ago learned these techniques so they are now intuitive. You don't even know you are using them.

This short exercise will illustrate these good reader concepts.

Scroll to “The Role of the Tutor”.

As you fill in the blanks, pay specific attention to what your mind is doing.

Your answers must “Look Right” (phonics), “Sound Right” (sentence structure), and “Make Sense” (Meaning).

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